ReceiptBox v.2.3.1

Main window

Main window of the app contains:

  • Account list (A)

  • Receipts list (B)

  • Total amount per category and account total amount (C)

ReceiptBox Main window

Main window buttons (see numbers on image)

  1. Print: Prints a report for the selected account. Report contains the list of receipts,plus the total amounts by category

  2. Save: Save unsaved data to the app database (the app auto saves the data so there is no need to use this button) 

  3. Export CVS: Export a cvs file with the receipts of the selected account

  4. Import CVS: Select a cvs file to import receipts into selected account

  5. Categories: Opens a panel to add custom expenses categories  

  6. Templates: Opens panel where you can add or edit receipt templates

  7. Add receipt: Add a new receipt to selected account (shortcut: Command-N)

  8. Delete receipt: Delete selected receipt (shortcut: Command-Delete)

  9. Charts: Opens visual report panel

  10. Excel: Export receipts of selected account to excel file

  11. Search: Search-filter field

  12. Add receipt: (same as #7)

  13. Delete receipt: (same as #8)

  14. Edit receipt: Opens the selected receipt details panel (shortcut: Space)

  15. Move receipt: Moves receipts to another account, shows menu with accounts to select



In ReceiptBox all receipts are organized in accounts. To add a receipt you have to first create and select an account. By default, the first time the app launches it creates an account.

On the account info panel (see the image) the user adds some details about the account. 


Account panel

Account fields:

  • Account Name: The name of this account (required)

  • Year: The financial year of this account (optional)

  • Default Category: The category that will be preselected for the receipts of this account (the user can change the category)

  • Description: A short description or the account (optional)

  • First Name: First name of the user of this account (optional)

  • Last Name: Last name of the user of this account (optional) 

On the left side of the main window there is the account list (see image). To select account just click on account name. To edit account info double click on account name or select account and press the edit account button (no 3 on image).

To add a new account, press the plus button (#1) at the bottom of the account list (see picture below). To delete an account, select the account, and then press the minus button (#2. Note: You have to delete all records of this account before you delete it. 


To add new receipt record press the green plus button on the main toolbar, or the plus button at the bottom of the receipts list. On the receipt panel (see screenshot) the user can type the receipt details. 

Receipt fields:

  • Date: The date of the receipt (by default the current date)

  • Company name: The merchant name of the receipt

  • Invoice number: The invoice number (optional)

  • Amount: Amount of the receipt

  • Category: The expense category

  • Description: A description of the receipt (optional)

On the right side of Company field there is a button that you can press to select a receipt template to initialise the receipt fields. After you select a template you can edit the fields.

On every receipt you can attach a receipt image. To add a receipt image press the receipt image button (camera icon).

On the receipt panel you can see a preview thumbnail of the receipt image.

Receipt details panel

Receipt image

When you press the receipt image panel button (camera icon) on the receipt panel, a new panel opens where you can see, edit or add an image. 

To add an image press the choose button to select an image file. You can select these kinds of files: .pdf, .tiff, .png, .gif, or .jpeg. For .pdfs the app will save only the first page of the document. 

Use the zoom in or zoom out buttons (+/-) to zoom in or zoom out of an image. To view the image to the actual size, press the button with the equal icon (=). Use the zoom to fit button to if you want the image to be expanded to fill the full width of the panel. 

To select an area of an image and discard everything outside this area use the selection tool, select an area of the image to retain, move or transform the crop area by dragging the selection or the selection handles, then press the crop button.

Press OK to save the image to the receipt. If you don’t want to save changes to the image press the Cancel button. 

Another option to add an image is to use the camera of your mac. Press the camera button on image panel to take a photo with your camera. 

To export the image from receipt to an image file, press the Export button to select a folder and name to save the image. You can also print, send with email, or open with the Preview App the image by using the button on the upper right side of the image panel (see the previous picture) 


You can use receipts templates to create easier and faster receipts from the same merchant. For example you can create a template for telephone bill receipts that is from the same company, same expense category and amount, so every time you want to add a bill receipt you can add a new receipt from template.

Create Templates

You can add/delete/edit templates from the Templates panel. Press the Templates button on app’s toolbar to open the templates panel.

Templates window

To add a new template press the add button under the templates list.  

To delete a template select the template from list and press the delete (minus) button.

Use templates

From the Templates panel you add a new receipt from Template. You select the template from the templates list and then press the “Add Receipt” button. The template panel will close and the Receipt Details panel will open with the fields prefilled with data from the template. The user can edit the details of receipt. 

You can also select a template from the Receipt edit panel. Just press the button located at the right side of Company field (see next image) and select the name of the template from the menu. All the fields will take the values from the template. 

Create Template from existing receipt

You can also save an existing receipt as a template. Open the receipt and then choose from the Actions menu (see next image) the “Save as Template” option. After this action the app will create a new template with the data of this receipt. 

Create template from receipt

Import - Export CVS file

You can export or import cvs file with the format:

  1. VAT number (text field,you can leave it empty),
  2. Invoice number(text),
  3. Company name (merchant,text),
  4. Date(dd/mm/yyyy),
  5. Description(text),
  6. Category name (text, if not exist the app will create a new category with this name, if empty the app will set the default category of this account)  


997956635,33132,Apple,12/01/2012,New iPad mini,307.6,Entertainment
999842977,77,Apple,03/02/2012,HDMI adapter for macbook,33.91,Utilities
999315391,281,Avranis,05/03/2012,Fuel for car,57,Fuel
042788859,28,City market,03/01/2012,Super Market,20,General Expenses
999981664,000134,DEI,11/04/2012,Energy bill,123,Bills

Export to CVS - Import from CVS toolbar buttons

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