Control for Denon

v. 1.0




Initial Setup

To connect to your Denon AVR device select "Denon Connection" from app menu.

App menu

App menu

On Denon connection window you can select "Search for Devices" button(1) or set IP manually (2).
If you select "Search for Devices option", the app will search your local network for Denon devices and will show you a list to select the device you want to connect. Select a device and pres "Done" to connect.

If you know the IP of the Denon AVR, you can type it the on the IP field and press "Set" to connect.

After you successfully connect to the device you will see device info: Name, IP, Model, Description, Status.

You can now close the "Connection" window and control your Denon AVR from the main window of the app.

Denon connection window (click to enlarge) 

Devices list

Devices list

Device info

Device info

Compatible models

2015 Models:
AVR-X7200WA, X6200W, X4200W, X3200W, X2200W, X1200W, S910W, S710W
2014 Models:
AVR-X5200W, X4100W, X3100W, X2100W, X1100W, S900W, S700W
2013 Models:
AVR-X4000/X3000/X2000/X1000, AVR-E400/E300
2012 Models:
AVR-4520CI, AVR-3313CI, AVR-2313CI, AVR-2113CI, AVR-1913, AVR-1713, AVR-1613
Older Models:
AVR-A100, AVR-4311CI, AVR-3312CI/3311CI, AVR-2312CI, AVR-2112CI, AVR-1912, AVR-991

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